Visual Design + Illustration

Comeback Magazine (CMBK)
Role: Sole Designer and Art Director (Passion Project)
Publication Design

Print Production
Editorial Design

Art Direction
K-pop has steadily been on the rise on a global scale, but only relatively recently has it seeped into mainstream conversations. With growing diverse fanbases, content has been made increasingly more accessible. Fans and non fans alike have been more curious about the overall production and creative directions behind k-pop. How might we spotlight the minds behind k-pop’s spectacle in a way that entices a spectrum of interested audiences?

Comeback Magazine (abbreviated as CMBK) is a 50 paged collection of curated articles centered around the individuals behind the k-pop industry’s creative direction, including idols who take charge of their own production. These are their photographers, visual designers, music directors, songwriters, and the like. Divided into three sections (Visual, Video, Music), this first issue brings to the forefront the talents of K-pop’s refreshing backstage.

Erk Morales
Visual Design + Illustration