Visual Design + Illustration

Elysian Fields
Agency: IMDC
Role: Lead Designer
Branding + Strategy
Visual Identity
Creative Direction
Motion Design


Elysian Fields TV is a nonprofit organization committed to providing answers to some of America’s most strategic problems. Elysian Fields impact media levels the playing field, helping to restore trust in journalism and hope for the future. We amplify the voices of highly talented women and BIPOC professionals, while helping to restore objectivity and nonpartisanship to broadcast journalism.

As Lead Designer, I conceptualized and executed a brand identity that reflected EF’s core missions and values: the pursuit for change, true allyship in our communities, and finding solutions for a brighter tomorrow.

The brand execution is meant to be content and community driven- where the forefront of the graphics primarily source from EF’s shows or clips with similar tonality. The logo is the driving metaphor, as an ever evolving and versatile grid of screens- windows to witness our heroes working for change. There is a very slight nod to the stripes of the American flag, however not overtly patriotic. It is contemporary and almost editorially inspired, bold yet flexible, simple yet inspiring.

The Brandmark
Simple, strong, versatile. The brandmark is a highly versatile graphic inspired by the acronym (EF) as well as the concept of an evolving grid of sceens and windows. As a media production company, EF is set to constantly evolve to fit a variety of content and genres. I wanted to make sure the base system was flexible in such a way that the brandmark could be used in a variety of instances- as a standalone, a texture, a photographic container, a layout reference, and even a guiding landmark for motion styles. The brandmark’s grid will later evolve into a starting point for future iconography systems as well. 

Erk Morales
Visual Design + Illustration