Visual Design + Illustration

League of Legends: Star Guardian
Agency: We are Royale
Role: Designer
Art Direction

Riot called for a promotional campaign to mark its latest array of skins, cosmetics and new lore for its Star Guardian Summer Event. As a series of parallel universe skins under their League of Legends IP, the story follows a group of high school students who choose to become protectors of the celestial world by battling cosmic enemies who threaten their universe. 

The summer event promo was encapsulated in a vibrant hero piece that drove excitement for the Star Guardian experiences happening across the League of Legends ecosystem: a motion graphics package, a high-energy barrage of channel flipping and anime-style infomercials in a League of Legends event trailer, a Wild Rift event trailer and an editorial piece for the Star Guardian event thematic.

I was personally in charge of collating anime references that paid homage to the magical girl transformation, with this direction in mind, I illustrated multiple backgrounds that encapsulated our intended magical school girl energy. Alongside backgrounds, I illustrated character frames, designed stickers for the brand media package, as well as styleframes and transition elements.

Erk Morales
Visual Design + Illustration